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"..they began to work together to create the small company you see today."


Our Philosophy

With the planet suffering from the impact of man made climate change, getting back to nature and connecting with everything that lives on the planet is vital.  We want our art to be part of that.

Whenever possible, we try to create everything we sell ourselves and we make sure that whatever we’re making is green and sustainable.  The printing companies we use are also sustainable.  Michael Clarke Art is very connected to nature, we want to do our part to protect it.  Anything you buy from us has been produced with those values in mind.  This way we can ensure that we’re happy with production and you can know it came from us directly.

Each piece of original art is unique with different patterns and details, nothing repeated, so that whenever you have a MCA original, you know it is original.  Among the originals are all pen and ink drawings, watercolors and tiles. Our prints are limited, numbered and signed.  We want to ensure that whatever you bring home from us is just for you.

Everything moves quickly in our world with efficiency and speed being key in our society.  MCA focuses on details to point out that the little things in life matter too, encouraging you to slow down and enjoy those too.

This is us

Michael Clarke
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How it started

Michael has been connected to art from a young age.  His mom used to take him to galleries when he was a child and he would bring a drawing pad and some crayons along with him.  Even though he didn’t study art, after college he began to draw more consistently, developing a style of geometric shapes and detail.  Michael moved around from France, to South Africa, to Germany and drawing from some of his experiences,  he started to focus on architecture and nature as his inspiration.  His girlfriend, Lena, seeing his art decided he should do something with it and they began to work together to create the small company you see today.

The Art

Michael has always had an eye for detail in nature and life, noticing small and intricate patterns and designs.  His art developed from this ability, working with patterns and ever smaller details.  His main medium is brush pen, ink and watercolor although he has incorporated other styles into his art.  Michael’s experiences in nature and travel are what have inspired most of his work, be it hikes in Nepal, palaces in Morocco or a safari in the Serengeti.  Through combining this love of nature and detail, Michael creates his unique brand of intricate and vibrantly colored artwork.  Michael Clarke Art is about returning to nature and finding beauty in every bit of it.

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